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Utilising Solar Rebates For Your Commercial Interests

As the age of renewable energy continues to thrive and focus on the future, the presence and utilisation of solar rebates by commercial enterprises have become more commonplace and lucrative.

Businesses that have not hopped on the bandwagon should not fret about missing out, there are still plenty of opportunities and solar rebates to consider that reward forward-thinking enterprises & 13KUGA is here to help you find them. We’ve helped countless businesses get a kickstart on their renewables journey and have seen firsthand just how versatile solar panel rebates can be for the bottom line.

The eligibility for some solar rebates is dependent on several factors from business size, location, and the energy output of the setup. There are also some state-based incentives that we will explore a little more throughout the article.

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What’s On Offer Nationwide?

The Federal Government has always maintained a strict focus on a variety of renewables targets, both at home and abroad. With the recent budget hinting at rising costs for traditional energy – the solar rebates on offer are beginning to become more enticing than ever before.

Currently, there are a couple of avenues of approach for solar panel rebates across the country. The two predominant ones are the Feed-In Tariffs scheme and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

RECs – STCs and LGCs

The crown jewels of incentives are undoubtedly the ones enacted as part of the Government’s Renewable Energy Target – namely the Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target and Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

The main purpose of these incentives was to entice businesses and homes around the world to invest in renewable energy and offer a reward for doing so through either LGCs or STCs which can be construed as tradeable commodities in a sense that offset the initial costs for these systems.

The number of certificates will depend on several factors including the postcode zone rating of the business, the size of the installation (kW), and the deeming period (years). Each certificate will in itself have a monetary value that can be exchanged as a solar rebate.

The scheme was introduced to spark interest and undertaking of renewable systems across the board – which it has done rather fruitfully. The intention was always to phase the scheme out by 2030, which is still the reported final year that these solar panel rebates will be applicable.

As CEC Approved Retailers, we can take care of the trading on your behalf and implement the incentive into the costs of your installation – essentially you lose the red tape, and reap the benefits all at the same time.

Feed-In Tariffs

Feed-In Tariffs are an ingenious benefit that allows enterprises to turn a profit from their renewable systems. Simply put, a business that has excess production of renewable power can make a small (but significant) profit by selling the excess back to the electrical grid. While not enough to run a business on, the money being made can make a big difference in the long term – especially when one considers the fact that no effort needs to be exuded on the part of the enterprise.

While not necessarily a solar rebate, it is quite an incentive to consider for those businesses still on the fence.

State-Based Solar Rebates

Some states have their own personalised and specified solar rebates on offer for businesses residing in that region. If you’re unsure of the applicable solar rebates you could be entitled to, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist further.

Victoria is a state that is well renowned for incentivising green projects. Their Solar For Business Program gives eligible businesses a saving of up to 50% on their installation costs as well as giving offering interest-free loans of up to $5000.

As time goes on, we’ll be eagerly watching for any new developments and new schemes on the horizon that benefit businesses and the planet.

Why 13KUGA?

We’re passionate about providing businesses with the best possible setups and a wide range of options for their renewable energy needs. In our years as the premier providers of commercial solar installations, we’ve seen enterprises thrive and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of green initiatives, and we are ready and waiting to help you and your business with yours!

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