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The Kuga Team are Australia’s award winning experts in efficient, affordable, and scalable commercial solar solutions. We have worked on projects nationwide and specialise in helping businesses like yours harness the power of renewable energy and enjoy a quick ROI.

Get ahead of your business energy needs today by requesting a Commercial Solar Feasibility Report or download our Capability Statement to learn more about how KUGA Electrical can help you take control of your energy future.

Why Switch to Commercial Solar?

If your business has significant electricity needs, it’s a safe bet you’re concerned by Australia’s ongoing rise in energy costs. Commercial solar panel give you a proven and reliable way to offset or even eliminate your dependency on the traditional power grid by harnessing the FREE energy of the sun.

Transitioning to renewable energy comes with the additional benefit of boosting your business green credentials, showing your customers that you’re doing your part for the environment. It’s a win-win for your business public image and finances.

Benefits of Commercial Solar

Dramatically Reduce Energy Cost

A commercial solar installation means generating power within your business free of charge, so you’ll notice a significant drop in your electricity bills.

Access to FREE Energy from the Sun

Power your business with the free and abundant energy of the Australian sun.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you install commercial solar, you reduce the demand for traditional power generation via fossil fuels.

Future Proof Your Business Against Rising Energy Costs

With energy costs on a continual upward trajectory, commercial solar is the best way to protect your business from price hikes.

Rapid & Generous ROI

While a commercial solar system has an upfront cost, it will eventually pay for itself through energy savings over time. ROI typically ranges from <3 years for 100kW systems and 2-5 years for larger installations.

Battery Ready

With Kuga Electrical, your commercial solar system can be easily integrated with Solar Battery Storage, allowing you to store excess energy not used during daylight hours and get an even better ROI.


Capability Statement

Download our Capability Statement to read more on our company, our people, our capabilities and our projects.

Why Choose Kuga Electrical?

No Subcontractors = Better Results

We are the only company in the TOP 5 Commercial Solar Installers to undertake the installation ourselves, without subcontracting any part of the process. This allows us to enforce strong quality processes and effective project management on-site. Additionally, all Kuga project managers are also CEC-approved, A-Grade electricians who have performed the work themselves for many years and are trusted to train and develop the installation team, from apprentices to general labourers and electricians.

Extensive Experience in Complex Solar Installations

At Kuga, we recognise that every business is unique and that your energy requirements and the nuances of your business require a meticulously planned approach to solar installation. Our team is made up of expert problem-solvers who will work with you to ensure that your solar installation is set up optimally with minimal disruption to your business. You can trust Kuga for a seamless, transparent, and hassle-free commercial solar install from beginning to end.

After Service Maintenance

Our company takes pride in offering a 10-year workmanship warranty, surpassing most competitors in the industry. We believe in the quality and durability of our installations, which is why we provide this extended warranty to our valued customers. Moreover, our commitment to exceptional service goes beyond just the warranty. However, should an on-site visit be necessary, we guarantee our team will be there within 48 hours to address any concerns and ensure optimal system performance.

Ways To Fund Your Commercial Solar System

Government Rebates

In Australia, the Government incentives you to switch to commercial solar with Business Solar Rebates that allow your business to generate Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). These certificates can be sold to energy producers, who use them to meet their Government-mandated carbon targets.

How many RECs you can generate is based on the size of your commercial solar system. These RECs (STCs and LGCs) need to be verified through the REC Registry and traded on a marketplace.

At Kuga Electrical, we make it easy for you to get the immediate benefit of RECs by calculating how much revenue they will generate and giving you a massive upfront discount on your solar installation.

ACT FAST: The government is phasing out STCs and LGCs at the end of 2030, and the value of both certificates lowers every year. This means that you need to act fast to get the maximum possible discount and ROI on your solar installation.

Explore our Solar Funding Options

Apart from helping you leverage Government incentives, KUGA Electrical has a range of funding options your business can take advantage of to make the switch to renewable energy.

Capital Purchase

CAPEX Price is site-inspection dependent. ROI typically ranges from less than 3 years for 100kW to 2-5 years for larger setups. Commercial solar costs are at a record low, ensuring attractive returns for businesses.

Power Purchase

The term PPA can vary between 5-30 years; the rate includes all tariffs and can be down to a single-digit number depending on the Solar System Generation Capex price and the term of the PPA. KUGA will provide maintenance at no extra cost.


KUGA has a range of finance options to suit your business needs. The finance term is flexible from 3 to 20 years. Cash Flow positive from day one, your savings cover the repayments and provide additional cash back onto your business.

Our Process

We prioritize understanding our clients unique needs, meticulously document our process and methodologies, and implement rigorous quality control measures to ensure excellence at every stage of service delivery.

Project Design and Establishment

Testing, Integration, and Commissioning

STC Rebate/LGC Paperwork Administration

Maintenance Services

Project Construction and Installation

Acceptance Training and Handover

Defect Liability and System Performance Checks

Project Design and Establishment

Project Construction and Installation

Testing, Integration, and Commissioning

Acceptance Training and Handover

STC Rebate/LGC Paperwork Administration

Defect Liability and System Performance Checks

Maintenance Services

Project Design and Establishment

This initial step involves a comprehensive analysis of your premises. Our experts use advanced aerial mapping techniques and review tender documents to understand your site’s specific needs. We calculate the optimal photovoltaic (PV) capacity, considering product compatibility and environmental factors. This leads to a customised design solution, where we handle procurement, secure utility pre-approvals, and prepare essential safety documentation.

Project Construction and Installation

Our team of CEC-accredited electricians oversees the installation process, ensuring strict adherence to building regulations. We prepare your site, distribute materials efficiently, and install solar panels and inverters with precision. Electrical connections are established with care. Throughout this phase, we maintain the highest standards of quality control and safety.

Testing, Integration, and Commissioning

Post-installation, we coordinate with authorities for grid connection approvals. Our rigorous commissioning process includes exhaustive inspections, functional testing, and setting up remote monitoring systems. This ensures that the solar system is fully operational and compliant with all regulatory standards.

Acceptance Training and Handover

We provide comprehensive training to your staff, covering system operation, monitoring, and maintenance. At handover, you receive detailed documentation, including safety reports, test results, and maintenance manuals. This ensures you are fully equipped to manage your new solar system.

STC Rebate/LGC Paperwork Administration

Our team assists in navigating the complexities of STC Rebate/LGC paperwork in line with the Clean Energy Regulator’s requirements. We manage all regulatory and financial paperwork, ensuring a smooth and compliant process.

Defect Liability and System Performance Checks

We offer a 10-year warranty on workmanship and installation, alongside continuous monitoring of your system’s performance. Our team is ready to address any post-installation issues promptly, guaranteeing the efficiency and longevity of your solar system.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal system performance. We provide annual preventive checks and necessary repairs alongside ongoing monitoring and reporting services. Our maintenance plans ensure your solar system operates at peak efficiency, with warranty administration included for your peace of mind.


Learn more about the details of our process by downloading our process and methodology documentation.

Commercial Solar FAQs

A commercial solar system is a large-scale solar power setup used by businesses and organisations to generate electricity. These systems are typically larger and more powerful than residential solar systems and are designed to meet the higher energy demands of commercial operations.

The best solar system for commercial use would depend on the specific needs of the business, including energy consumption, available space for installation, and budget. Systems should be efficient, cost-effective, and durable.

The power output of commercial solar panels varies, but they are more powerful than residential panels. Commercial solar panels can range from a few kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts in capacity.

The size of a 100kW solar system depends on the efficiency and physical size of the solar panels used. Generally, this size of system would require a significant amount of space, often several hundred square meters.

The solar panels generally have a lifespan of around 25-30 years.

Oversizing a solar system can be beneficial in cases where the energy can be stored or sold back to the grid. However, it also means a higher initial investment.

Yes, commercial solar panels need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their efficiency. Dust, debris, and other materials can accumulate on the panels and block sunlight, reducing their effectiveness.

Clean Energy Project of the year National Emerging Business of the Year
Top 5 Commercial Overall
Clean Energy Project of the year National Master Electrician of the Year

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