CEC Approved Retailer

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) represents renewable energy businesses and over 4,000 solar installers to help regulate the quality of services and products within the clean energy industry. The council does this through a system of endorsement and accreditation that help to identify where industry standards have been met.

Approved Solar Retailers are those which comply with consumer protection laws and which have been proven to maintain the quality set by the CEC. The endorsement of the CEC signifies to customers that the business is committed to maintaining the high standards and integrity of the clean energy industry.

Kuga Electrical – CEC Approved Retailer

Kuga Electrical is a Clean Energy Council (CEC) Approved Retailer. We are proud to promote our CEC Approval because it represents quality assurance and legitimacy in the Australian renewable energy industry. The CEC is a national trade association group that regulates providers and installers of renewable energy products. They operate as a non-profit and require members to sign and follow a strict code of conduct.

A Retailer You Can Trust

Being a CEC Approved Solar Retailer signifies that you are a solar retailer that customers can trust to uphold a high standard of quality products, customer service and ethical practice. While there are thousands of CEC Accredited solar installers, at the time of writing there were less than 50 CEC Approved Solar Retailers in the country. This makes it easier for Australian consumers to find the retailers which have been certified and proven to deliver excellent products at fair prices.

Quality Assured

The Solar Retailer Code of Conduct, which CEC approved retailers must abide by, has been authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Retailers that are not CEC Approved do not meet the requirements of the code of conduct and therefore provide no assurances of quality or safety. If you’re looking to install solar energy in your home or business, choosing a CEC Approved retailer gives you the confidence that the outcome will be to the best industry standards of safety and quality.