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Our customer focus puts you as our priority above everything else. With years of LED lighting experience helping more than 3,600 customers Australia wide, we understand best how to deliver an exceptional service that will go above and beyond your expectation.

Lighting design

With a team of lighting designers and engineers, we will ensure you achieve better light quality, using less energy. This means you’ll not only notice an immediate difference in the quality of light at your business, but you’ll notice a reduction in your lighting costs from day one too.

Quick Installation

Our experienced team of certified electricians ensure a fast turn-around on all jobs. We complete every LED installation without disruption to your every day business life, and we back our workmanship with a 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind that the job was done right.

Government VEET/IPART Rebate

We are one of the largest VEEC certificate creator in Victoria with more than 600,000 VEECs created in 2017. Kuga Electrical will handle your VEET/IPART submission with a streamlined and simple process.

LED Upgrade – Collingwood FC

  • Location Melbourne, VIC

  • Annual saving $16,938

  • Lights upgrades 419 LED Panel Lights
    15 LED Highbays
    91 LED Round Shopfitters

As proud partner and supporter of the Collingwood Football Club, Kuga Electrical has the great opportunity to provide energy efficiency upgrade for Collingwood FC.

LED Upgrade – De Bortoli Wines

  • Location Glendenning, NSW

  • Annual saving $36,244

  • Lights upgrades 91 LED Highbays
    100 LED Panel Lights

Kuga Electrical completed a commercial LED lighting upgrade for De Bortoli Wines, Glendenning Warehouse. Business overheads increase year on year, they are often fueled by rising costs of electricity. We help businesses become more energy efficient, upgrade to LED lighting, install solar power, and battery storage.

LED Upgrade – Patterson Cheney Toyota

  • Location 10 sites across VIC

  • Annual saving $8,797 (Waverley upgrade)

  • Lights upgrades 36 LED Highbays
    18 LED Canopy lights
    (Waverley upgrade)

Patterson Cheney Toyota is one of the oldest Toyota Dealerships in Melbourne. They have been around for over 30 years with branches in 21 suburbs. Kuga Electrical brought down their lighting costs by 72% and provided a great ROI.

LED Upgrade – Stillwell Trucks

  • Location Milperra, NSW

  • Annual saving $46,690

  • Lights upgrades 109 LED Highbays
    36 LED Flood Lights

    195 LED Panel Lights

Stillwell trucks are a leading truck dealership located in Millperra, Sydney NSW. To improve lighting performance and cost efficiency, Stillwell choose Kuga Electrical to upgrade their dealership and maintenance area with Led Lighting

LED Upgrade – Electrolux

  • Location Heatherton, Vic

  • Annual saving $38,220

  • Lights upgrades 105 LED Highbays

Electrolux warehousing facility is upgraded by Kuga Electrical using our high performing LED Highbays to create substantial saving annualy.