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KUGA Electrical is one of the largest independently owned solar companies in Australia. We have state presence in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. Kuga’s purpose is to generate savings for businesses at a really healthy return on investment. Our solar services are Solar Power, Solar Battery Storage, Solar Off Grid, Solar Car Parks, and Ground Mount Systems.

When dealing with our team at Kuga, you can expect highly trained individuals who are values-driven and understand our products and services to a really high level. As our company is a business to business organisation, our reputation is important to us. Many of our team have been here since we started way back in 2016.  We aim to impress our customers as it is our key to gain more prospective customers.

Our industry is very competitive, so we remain best in the market by buying large volumes from quality manufacturers and by delivering projects on time and to budget with our own internal Kuga Electricians. We then pass on all the benefits to our customers by providing a really competitive price.

Our Vision  is to create greater energy independence for businesses across Australia In recent times there have been massive increases in energy costs for Australian businesses, a trend that looks set to continue into the future. Combined with increasing operating costs, staying competitive is getting harder for businesses around Australia. If you don’t take action on energy independence the amount and cost of your commercial energy needs could become a large burden on your business. Energy independence is taking control of your energy future. We want local businesses to have control of their energy and offer energy efficiency solutions that allow your business to reduce costs, reinvest back into your business, remain profitable, grow and maintain sustainability.

Our purpose is to save businesses money. Contact our team about your next project.

VIC REC Licence Number 27103

NSW REC Licence Number  318148C

QLD REC Licence Number 88831

SA REC Licence Number PGE 314984

TAS REC Licence Number 784865990

ACT REC Licence Number 20211556


We use only the best energy efficiency
products made and built for Australia


Product warranty, 10 years workmanship
warranty & performance warranty


Premium customer service with
professional installation


Outstanding value for money and great
Return on Investment

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Industry Partnerships

Licence numbers:

VIC REC 27103

NSW REC 318148C

QLD REC 88831

TAS REC 784865990

ACT REC 20211556

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