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1.27MW Commercial Solar Installation

KUGA successfully designed and implemented a 1.27MW solar installation for G&K O’Connor, taking advantage of the Victorian VEEC program to help finance the project. The program’s rebates played a crucial role in reducing the overall cost. Meeting the deadline was essential, as the rebates were time-limited and the client needed the project to be practically completed by January 31st, 2023. To accommodate the installation across four separate roofs, KUGA devised a system design that spanned these areas. However, due to cabling limitations within the facility, KUGA engineered and constructed a customised inverter station directly above the main switchboard on the roof. This solution ensured efficient power distribution within the facility’s electrical system.

1.2MW Solar Installation

KUGA completed a 1.2MW rooftop solar installation in Melbourne West. KUGA Electrical was selected as the successful EPC partner for a 1.2MW solar installation in May 2022. In addition to reputation and quality, the key selection factor was turnaround time. The client needed a supplier with the capability to install by the end of the financial year. The turnaround from the initial site inspection through to practical completion was 10 weeks. In addition to the accelerated timeline, quality control was paramount and the KUGA install was subjected to Agile Energy two external consultants who independently ensured every aspect of the system was optimised and compliant.

1.022MW Solar Installation

The Amerciold facility in Murrarie, QLD engaged KUGA to install the maximum amount of solar possible. The client has a 24/7 constant electrical load and wanted to reduce this as much as possible.
KUGA needed to work with structural Engineers to design around the load constraints caused by heavy insulating panels which created static loads on the supporting beams. The panel layout constraints were exacerbated by the new wind standards in Queensland. In the end, KUGA was able to install over 1MW in PV capacity, and developed a custom connection solution directly onto the live copper bars of the site’s low volt-age switchboard. These works had to be done in a single shutdown over a Saturday night. This represents the largest Australian install so far for the client.

845kW Solar Installation

Heritage care is a leading, privately-owned aged care facility network. To reduce overheads across their portfolio, they engaged KUGA Electrical to install solar power on six of their sites across Victoria and New South Wales. Many of the facilities had complicated roof topologies often constructed from tile. Access and noise restrictions in consideration for the sensitive residents were top priorities. Expert installation and project management experience were therefore essential. Ultimately, 845kW of solar power was installed across the six facilities. The panels selected were the smaller 60-cell 370W Hanwa Q Cell PV modules. The solar project provides over 3,000 kWh of renewable energy every day to Heritage Care. This equates to almost 1,000 tonnes of CO2 being removed from the environment per year.

730kW Solar Installation

KUGA completed 730kW industrial solar installation for Cromford Film in Pendle Hill, NSW. Cromford Film continues to use recycled plastics in the manufacture of plastic sheeting, delivering a high quality product and an environmental benefit at the same time. For this project, Kuga used tier-1 solar panels from Astronergy, rated for their high reliability compared to other tier-1 options on the market. Coming with a 25-year warranty, Astronergy panels provide great value for money and peace of mind. Kuga Electrical partners with suppliers like Astronergy to deliver the best possible solar solutions for our customers. See how you can benefit from market-leading solar tech with a commercial solar installation by our team.

520kW Solar Installation

KUGA completed 520kW Solar System install for Extrusions Australia. The solar solution at Extrusions Australia comprised two separate installs. One is 100kW STC Solar System and 420kW LGC Solar System. This allowed KUGA to display its expertise in both the Large and Small-Scale Generator space. The Federal rebate schemes are set up quite differently under each category. KUGA used the largest inverters on the market (Sungrow 110kW) in order to minimize the complexity and installation time. For the PV panels, the German-engineered Q Cells were selected for their high yield and exceptional build quality. The estimated return of investment is under 5 years with savings above $150,000 annually.

450kW Solar Installation

Medline is a manufacturer of disposable medical equipment, who is continually expanding its capabilities and market share. They recognized that the electricity they were consuming was far in excess of what their existing 99kW solar install could provide. To further reduce their electricity demand from the grid, they installed a further 1000 of EGings 450W monocrystalline solar panels. Their total solar capacity was thus 550kW, providing enough clean energy per day to power almost 60 homes! The complication of this install was as soon as you go above the 99kW capacity threshold, you move into a large-scale rebate system. Medline remains a huge advocate for solar energy as they have now taken control of a large portion of their business overheads.

200kW Solar Installation

As part of the redevelopment of Concord Oval, Kuga has successfully completed 2 x 100 kW of solar PV installations at two significant recreation spaces in the Concord LGA, called Concord Oval and St Luke’s Park South, to serve council and West Tiger’s tenancy individually. Kuga won this project through ADCO Constructions, the builder of choice for the redevelopment of Concord Oval in Sydney’s Inner West. This is the largest infrastructure project delivered in the City of Canada Bay to meet the needs of the growing local community. KUGA has used Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. 440W mono facial solar panels and SolarEdge inverters, along with DC optimisers. The $84 million Concord Oval Community and Sports Precinct is proudly funded by the NSW Government, Australian Government and City of Canada Bay, in association with the Wests Tigers Rugby League Football Pty Ltd.

100kWh Big Battery Installation

Ellinbank Dairy Research Centre is a fully functional dairy farm located in Gippsland, Victoria. The farm provides valuable research and assists in making dairy farming more profitable and sustainable within Victoria. Part of their goal of becoming a carbon neutral farm was to install a 99kW roof-mounted solar system combined with a 100kWh battery storage unit. KUGA designed and optimised the solution, ensuring all aspects were accessible for educational purposes.

Combining SOLAR PV and EV Charging

Kuga Electrical installed two separate Solar systems for Primal Surfacing. A 100kW solar system using 240x 415w Eging panels and a 30kW solar system of 72x 415w Eging panels. Kuga also set up four Ocular IQ Commercial solar-powered EV charger stations. This installation has three Ocular IQ Commercial EV charger stations connected. The project included ground scanning, trenching, concreting, civil work, and cabling from the switchboard to the EV car chargers. 

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Dairy Farm Solar & Battery Project

Dairy Farm Solar & Battery Project

Ellinbank Dairy Research Centre is dedicated to the ambitious goal of becoming a completely carbon neutral farm. KUGA Electrical supplied a solar and battery storage installation to assist in this goal and showcase the technology for other Australian farmers.

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Best commercial solar inverter options

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