Commercial Solar Carports Starting The EV Revolution
Solar Carport

Prepare Your Business For The EV Revolution With Commercial Solar Carports

The rising popularity of EVs around the country has sparked interest in the prospect of commercial solar carports and their viability for the workplace of tomorrow.

As a fairly new technology, solar carports are the natural progression for commercial enterprises looking to ensure their workplace is forward-thinking and prepared for the EV revolution. Not only do they provide functional renewable energy production capability with minimal spatial issues, but they can also be outfitted with EV charging stations which is a great convenience for those who commute using these vehicles.

13KUGA is proud to be the pioneer in renewables, we have successfully designed and delivered innovative solar carport projects across the country and have seen how positively impactful they can be for businesses, employees, and the environment at large.

This article will centre on the rise of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and why more businesses should be getting ahead of the curve by implementing solar carports to prepare for the future.

The Inevitable Rise of EVs

Electric vehicles have taken off around the world thanks in no small part to innovation derived from a global effort to reduce both carbon emissions and dependence on fossil fuels. While Australia is admittedly a little slower on the take-up than much of the Western world, we have still seen an impressive 65% increase in EV sales in the past year alone.

The success stories of companies like Tesla have also made the concept and attainability of EVs to the general community. As Australia guns toward a net-zero target, it is partially responsible for businesses and individuals to make steps toward making this target an achievable one.

Businesses have a unique opportunity in front of them, one that allows them to reap the benefits of renewable energy production while providing their employees with a shaded parking area and the potential for EV charging stations to siphon power from these structures. This unique opportunity is, of course, a commercial solar carport.

The Underlying Solution That Solar Carports Provide

A solar carport is essentially a panelled parking structure that can be installed over an existing parking zone/area that generates power from sun exposure while providing optimal shade for the vehicles parked beneath.

For commercial entities that have an existing parking zone that is exposed to direct sunlight, this solution is already a lucrative one as the notion of protecting employee/visitor vehicles while generating renewable energy is the textbook definition of a win-win.

One prevailing trend that we’ve seen is the integration of solar carports with EV Charging Stations which can work wonders in reducing overhead costs for charging EVs by utilising the power generated by the panels atop the parking structure.

That aside, the installation of solar carports is already efficient on its own as the generated power can also be integrated into the commercial property, stored in battery solutions or sold back to the grid by way of Feed-in Tariffs

Where We Come In

As we mentioned earlier, 13KUGA is the industry-leading supplier and designer of renewable projects across the country. Our mission is to provide cost-saving energy solutions for our commercial clients and showcase the virtues of renewable energy production across the board.

We work in a multitude of facets that include solar carports, battery storage, lighting upgrades, power factor correction and installations. If you have any questions or queries surrounding our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch & we’ll get back to you shortly!


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