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EV Charger Installation

Preparing Your Business For The Future With EV Chargers

There are a number of compelling reasons to consider the virtues of EV chargers for a commercial enterprise. The number of electric vehicles has skyrocketed in recent years, and while Australia is a little behind compared to the rest of the world – these vehicles will undoubtedly become part of the status quo soon enough.

In our years as the premier providers of renewable solutions for businesses, we’ve seen a rising number of commercial enterprises take up a wide array of solutions. These solutions can include EV chargers, solar panels, and even innovative battery storage setups to simultaneously reduce their emissions and benefit their bottom lines.

Today’s article will go over the processes and considerations that should be undertaken to successfully implement EV chargers for commercial properties.


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The Rise Of Electric Vehicles

EV Chargers are popping up all over the country and are fast becoming more adaptable and convenient than your average petrol pump. The most significant indicator of the rise of EV chargers and vehicles is, of course, the impending focus on emissions and dependence on fossil fuels.

Governments worldwide have committed to various emission-cutting initiatives and targets, and Australia is no exception. Electric vehicles are a powerhouse when it comes to cutting one of the more egregious contributors to carbon emissions – petrol.

EV chargers are popping up all over the place, with more Aussies making the switch to a more renewable and efficient transportation choice. Business owners have an unbridled opportunity to be a part of the climate solution while boosting their reputation and benefitting their employees simultaneously with EV charger installations.

Commercial Benefits Of EV Chargers

EV chargers are a net benefit for all involved, from workers to visitors to the business itself. They work with solar panel setups to produce clean energy to power/recharge electric vehicles using available sunlight or reserves.

Providing A Valuable Service To Enviro-Conscious Workers & Visitors
Employees and visitors/clients who have an electric vehicle will benefit from a well-planned and executed EV charger installation. Considering the conveniences offered with the chance at “refuelling” their vehicle whilst visiting or working, it’s a wonder they’re not more popular across the country already.

Marketing & Branding Opportunities
Any commercial enterprise would benefit significantly from implementing EV chargers into their worksites/properties, especially from a marketing standpoint. Having a company that is overtly putting the needs of the environment into their business practices will have a field day when it comes to new branding opportunities and methods.

Demonstrating an adoption of clean technology and active green solutions is a goldmine for company optics in the community.

Saving Costs
Once the upfront costs are taken care of, there is ample opportunity for saving money and cutting costs across the board, for companies and employees.

The obvious savings for employees who own electric vehicles are apparent in the reduced hassle and cost of charging their vehicles at home or on the move. If your enterprise utilises company cars, the cost savings associated with a fleet of electric vehicles that are used for work-related trips and errands that can be charged with renewable energy should also be considered.

Demonstration of Corporate Responsibility
The moralistic argument should also be noted, with EV chargers representing progress and responsible thinking and planning for the future. Companies that have this forward-thinking momentum will have a much better chance of surviving and flourishing in the years to come.

Why 13KUGA?
13KUGA is proud to be a renowned provider and supplier of high-quality renewable solutions for commercial enterprises across the country. We’ve successfully implemented hundreds of renewable projects, from small-scale installations to large-scale power refurbishments. We take the time to understand what you’re after and work tirelessly to provide the solution that befits your vision and requirements.

We invite you to look at some of our completed projects for yourself and better understand 13KUGA’s commitment to providing the best solutions.


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