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How To Capitalise On The Commercial Solar System Revolution

We’ve talked before about the rising rate of commercial solar systems in the country and the optimistic trending towards a more renewable Australia.
Statistics and general public opinion are beginning to favour residential and commercial solar solutions more than ever before, and at 13Kuga, we couldn’t be more excited.

As premier providers of commercial solar systems around the country, we are proud to be an instrumental part of the renewable revolution, there is still a long way to go but we are certainly making the right moves.

Today we are going to break down a few of the key reasons as to how people can make the most of their commercial solar systems and how/why businesses seek to benefit greatly from making the switch – even in ways they didn’t expect.

The Rising Cost Of Energy

It is no secret that the cost of electricity and gas is skyrocketing, and it seems that it will only become more of an issue as time goes on. The cause of this is still up for debate, however the cold snap putting extra pressure on energy suppliers, rising inflation, the conflict in Ukraine restricting resources, and the recent pandemic have all put undue pressure on the status quo.

Regardless of the cause, the results have seen a squeeze on business costs across the board. While there have been various solutions being put forward, we would humbly suggest that commercial solar systems could be a logical and cost-effective long-term solution for a great number of businesses.

Inflation Blues

To a lesser extent, the inflation woes that are being felt around the globe and here at home have a tremendous impact on spending choices and budgets across the board. Businesses and enterprises that have to spend more are less likely to find a higher bottom line over the long-term and could be averse to risks that are necessary to grow in business.

Capitalising With Commercial Solar

This is where the utility and fiscal logic of commercial solar systems come into play. Capitalising on the increasing trends of renewables is saving money across the board for businesses and private homeowners alike.

Reduction In Mainline Dependence

Saving on energy costs and overall electricity bills is the obvious advantage of factoring in renewable energy sources into the business. As we’ve mentioned already, the price of electricity is soaring, saving money on utility bills seems to be a logical method of cutting down the excess spending.

Whether the business eventually runs completely or even partially on commercial solar setups, the savings will be astronomical over time. The sun is not going anywhere, and with ample storage solutions being enhanced and bolstered every day, the future is looking less and less dependent on traditional energy sources.

Rebates & Incentives

Businesses can also consider the rebates and incentives that are currently on offer for those willing to step up to the plate and join the renewable revolution. Australian companies can benefit from small-scale technology certificates (STCs) which have a dollar value and be redeemed in participating markets.

Another incentive for businesses with a commercial solar system is the feed-in tariffs (FITs). This essentially gives a rebate to a business from the retailer for excess power that is not used by the commercial solar system and is re-routed back into the grid.

Why 13Kuga?

13Kuga continues to set the tone when it comes to efficiency and innovation in the renewables space. We’ve differentiated ourselves from competitors by offering a range of renewable energy solutions to clients across the country.

We deliver on-time, and on-budget – with no room for cutting corners. Our commercial solar systems are built to last, our intention is simple, save businesses money and make Australia a self-sustaining juggernaut of renewable excellence.


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