Power Factor Correction systems reduce loss of power for businesses.

Power Factor Correction is a must for industry businesses

We have partnered with AGL Electroserv to give our customers the best PFC

The Power Factor Correction systems that Kuga Electrical uses are manufactured by AGL Electroserv. The manufacturing facility is based in Mount Kuring-Gai NSW and has local warranty and support. Backed by AGL (Australia’s second oldest company), their warranty is here to stay.

Why install a Power Factor Correction system?

If your Power Factor is:

  • >.95 there is no need to install a power factor as your power quality is good
  • .9 you are losing about 10% of the power drawn from the grid
  • .8 you have serious power quality issues and are losing 20% of the power drawn from the grid

Do you have an existing Power Factor Correction unit? It’s worth checking to see if it is fit for purpose. Most businesses don’t realise that their system must be serviced every year so some of the capacitors don’t work. We most commonly find that the business has expanded its production so the current Power Factor unit is too small and needs to be replaced.

How Power Factor Correction can help businesses save

If you are a business that operates demanding machinery that consumes a high amount of electricity, power loss can be a problem that can cost thousands of dollars every year. Electricity supply from the grid that powers your equipment comes with charges such as demand charges which can be heavily influenced by power factors. The expected lifespan for all PFC units is around 7 years and it’s really important that they are serviced every year.

Check your bill for your power factor reading

Demand charges and other charges related to your power consumption can be found in your electricity bill. Consult our experts for Power Factor Correction (PFC), our Total Energy Consultants can help determine the right power factor correction for your business that can reduce any wastage that you might already be paying for and create cost savings for your business.

Power loss correction
Saving per annum
Total saving est.

About Power Factor Correction

Power Factor (PF) is the ratio of power that you use vs the power that goes to waste. A power factor of 0.75 implies that 75% of he power is being used effectively and 25% is being wasted. Businesses that operate machinery and equipment that consumes high amount of electricity can face unnecessary wastage from overlooking power factor correction.

We can help you reduce the amount of wasted power with power factor correction equipment. By choosing the right equipment for your needs, you will not be paying for the wasted power. This will create cost saving for your business and increase efficiency for your machine and equipment.

Absolutely. On average, Power Factor Correction will help you achieve a Return on Investment of two to four years. Your saving will come from a range of benefits:

  • Reducing energy wastage and power losses
  • Improving harmonic frequency of your equipment leading to higher efficiency
  • Improved voltage and load carrying capacities

Licence numbers:

VIC REC 27103

NSW REC 318148C

QLD REC 88831

TAS REC 784865990

ACT REC 20211556

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