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Commercial Solar Perth

KUGA Electrical has put together a list of all the main considerations you’ll need to know before investing in commercial solar on your Perth based business

Complete Buying Guide for Commercial Solar Perth

KUGA Electrical has put together a list of all the main considerations you’ll need to know before investing in commercial solar on your Perth based business. Also included in this article are :

  • A pricing guide for commercial solar installs in Perth
  • Examples of additional costs to look out for prior to installing a commercial solar system in Perth or WA
  • How the high sunlight hours in Perth improves the cash returns from a commercial solar investment
  • Examples of real solar projects installed by KUGA in Perth and the actual production values
  • A rebate guide. Perth has high sunlight hours and therefore more rebates available, lowering the cost of solar ownership
  • A finance guide – specific advantages to the various ways to pay for your solar in Perth
  • A case study of a local Perth-based business who invested in a solar install by KUGA

Commercial Solar Pricing Guide for Perth

The guide below shows ballpark figures on what you would expect to pay per kilowatt of commercial solar in Perth.

KUGA Electrical is a high-volume commercial solar installer. KUGA maintains several partnerships with tier one solar hardware suppliers. The result is being first to market with the latest in cost-reducing solar technologies. An example is the new commercial solar inverters, which are now sized up to 100kW (rather than the usual 27.5kW or 50kW). This means less labor and less hardware!

[table id=13 /]

Installing solar on your business’s roof in Perth is cheaper than other states. This is due to the elevated amount of solar rebates available. This will be covered in more detail in later sections.

Additional Costs To Be Mindful Of With Your Perth Solar Installation

The above table covers most typical Perth solar installations on industrial or commercial properties. There are other costs which may be incurred depending on the complexity of your Perth property.

These solar install costs are either included in a KUGA Electrical quotation or will be quoted as extra.

Solar Install Costs Included by KUGA Electrical

Pre-Solar Install Engineering Report

For all commercial solar installs in Perth with an inverter capacity greater than 30kW, KUGA Electrical completes a full structural assessment on the property roof. This ensures peace of mind that KUGA will not install any solar panels on your roof without a comprehensive check.

The costs of this assessment are already included in all KUGA Electrical quotes. When considering a solar purchase for your Perth business, make sure you ask your installer whether this price has been included.

Network Protection Hardware

In Perth, it is a legal requirement that all commercial solar installs with an inverter capacity above 30kW. As a Perth business owner collecting quotes for roof-mounted solar – it pays to be mindful of installer recommended sizing. It would be prudent to question a recommended commercial solar system of 45kW for example – does the extra expense justify the small increase in capacity?

All KUGA Electrical’s pricing has network protection built into their solar quoting.

Solar Install Costs Included As Extras By KUGA Electrical

Adding a fixed-tilt system onto your Perth Solar Panel Installation

There is always an optimum angle for a commercial solar panel. In Perth, more information on solar panel angles can be found in KUGAs PV panel mounting guide here.

In many instances, the small benefit in orienting your solar panels is not worth the additional expense. Consider this Perth based solar installation below:

Perth Commercial Solar Installation

This commercial solar install has not had tilt added. To do so would have added over $6,650 of cost to the solar install. The benefit would have only been $660 per year!

KUGA Electrical will specify any added tilt when quoting a solar install for your Perth based business.

Switchboard Upgrade

When costing up a solar system in Perth, it is almost impossible to assume any works without visiting the physical building.

KUGA Electrical will always send a commercial solar expert to your business, prior to quoting a solar install. If this is not possible, it will always be mentioned as an extra electrical cost.

How Perths sunny climate provides the most savings from your commercial solar install

Perth has one of the highest average sunlight hours of all the Australian Capital Cities. This is great for the performance of commercial solar panels, which generate 25% higher returns than, say Hobart.

Below are some real examples of installs in Perth, showing the solar production and hence dollar savings achieved:

[table id=14 /]

[table id=15 /]

How many rebates can you get with your commercial solar installation in Perth?

Another benefit of the high sunlight hours in Perth is any commercial solar installation has more rebate associated with it.

In this section, we will just be dealing with the STC, or Small Scale Technology Certificate rebate. Any solar system in Perth below 100kW is eligible for this subsidy.

The Renewable Energy Council has split Australia into 4 zones. Perth receives 14 certificates per kilowatt of solar installed.

The table below gives the STC rebate amount for common soar system sizes. The actual dollar figure depends on the market value of the STCs at any given moment. In this example, the STC value has been assumed to be $35

[table id=16 /]

Perth Solar Financing Guide

With the high solar production and rebate values in Perth, most businesses that look into commercial solar energy are pleasantly surprised. In general, most commercial solar installed in Perth will be cashflow positive. This is certainly true if financed over a period of at least four to five years.

We will cover situations where it may make sense for your Perth company to take one of three main solar finance options:

Situations where a Perth business would pay outright for solar

  • If the business has the cash available to outlay.
  • Solar can be a way to write off a significant amount of tax. A commercial solar asset under $30,000 is eligible under the ATO instant tax-write off. The business must meet the criteria for this.
  • The business wishes to avoid paying interest on any loans for solar.
  • The business owner is time-poor and doesn’t want to spend time on paperwork and approvals.

A Perth business may consider a lease to own on their solar when:

  • They want to ensure they commercial solar investment does not tie up any capital.
  • The business wishes to ensure all repayments are tax-deductible expenses.
  • If the business is coming into summer months and desires an immediate cash injection. KUGA offers lease options with 90-day payment terms. That’s 3 months of solar savings without repayments!

How a Perth Business can get solar without “getting solar”

Many Perth business owners are concerned about solar maintenance or uncertainty in the future. They often desire reduce their electricity bills while taking on as little risk as possible.

In this case a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an attractive option.

The features of a commercial solar PPA are;

  • No solar ownership (unless the business decides to buy it later). The commercial solar system is owned and managed by someone else – they are just borrowing your roof.
  • Long contract terms of at least 20 years are common.
  • Guaranteed the PPA electricity rate will never increase over the life of the contract. Compare this to your current electricity retailer!

A Commercial Solar Case Study in Perth

Perth represents a huge opportunity to reap the benefits of clean commercial energy alternatives. KUGA Electrical has recognized that businesses are suffering under high electricity rates while throwing away huge quantities of usable solar energy from the sun!

Below is an example of a local Perth business which capitalised on solar energy successfully:

40kW Commercial Solar Installation

Business: Feaver Tools

Location: Welshpool, Perth

Solar System Capacity: 40kW

Solar Panels: JA Solar 320W Mono Perc Half-Cell PV Panels

Solar Inverters: 2x Goodwe 15kW commercial inverters

40kW Commercial Solar Installation

Feaver Tools have been trading in Perth since 2012. Their energy usage was consistently creeping up, so they employed KUGA to design and install a 40kW commercial solar system on the Northern section of their roof.

The angle of the roof section meant the solar panels did not need to be tilted, reducing the overall cost to the business.

KUGAs 40kW solar solution caused their electricity bills to almost half, from $34,000 to $18,000 per year. The return on investment was 88%, or 1.14 years!

Ready to save on your power bills? Contact KUGA for a personalized report on your solar requirements

If you have a business in Perth and would like more detail on any of the above: KUGA offers a detailed feasibility report at no cost. To begin re-investing your electricity overheads;

Contact the KUGA team on 03 8797 0190 or email

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