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Save money and do your part for the environment with a commercial solar system from 13KUGA, the experts in efficient, affordable, and scaleable commercial solar installations.


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It’s no secret that electricity prices are continuing to rise in Australia, making your business’s power bill an increasingly significant drain on profitability. With this in mind, there’s never been a better time to start your transition to renewable energy and reduce your dependence on the traditional power grid.

Everyone’s doing it, so why not your business? While installing a commercial solar power system isn’t a trivial investment, it’s much more affordable and convenient than it has been in years past.

At 13KUGA, our commercial solar installers specialise in helping businesses harness renewable energy and save money. Don’t just take our word for it; take a look at our recent projects to see how we’ve delivered efficient and scaleable commercial solar systems for different types of businesses around Australia.


1.2MW Solar Installation

  • System size: 1.2MW
  • Location: South Melbourne, Victoria
  • Solar Panels: 450W Trina Tallmax Solar Panels
  • Inverter: Sungrow
  • Solar production p.a.: 1408MWh

13KUGA was selected as the successful EPC partner for a 1.2MW solar installation in May 2022. In addition to reputation and quality, the key selection factor was turnaround time. The client needed a supplier with the capability to install by the end of the financial year. The turnaround from the initial site inspection through to practical completion was 10 weeks.

845kW Solar Installation

  • System size: 845kW
  • Location: Victoria & NSW
  • Solar Panels: 370W Hanwa Q Cell PV modules
  • Inverter: Huawei
  • Average daily production p.a.: 657.09 Kwh/day

Heritage care is a leading, privately-owned aged care facility network. To reduce overheads across their portfolio, they engaged 13KUGA to install solar power on six of their sites across Victoria and New South Wales. Ultimately, 845kW of solar power was installed across the six facilities. The panels selected were the smaller 60-cell 370W Hanwa Q Cell PV modules.

730kW Solar Installation

  • System size 730kW
  • Location Pendle Hill,NSW
  • Solar Panels Astro 4 SEMI 450W 
  • Inverter Sungrow 110Kw 3P
  • Solar Production p.a 767.6MWh

Our latest industrial solar installation for Cromford Film in Pendle Hill, NSW. For this project, Kuga used tier-1 solar panels from Astronergy, rated for their high reliability compared to other tier-1 options on the market. Coming with a 25-year warranty, Astronergy panels provide great value for money and peace of mind. Kuga Electrical partners with suppliers like Astronergy to deliver the best possible solar solutions for our customers. See how you can benefit from market-leading solar tech with a commercial solar installation by our team.

525kW Solar Installation

  • System size: 525kW
  • Location: Campbellfield, Melbourne
  • Solar Panels: 310W JA Solar Mono Perc
  • Inverter Goodwe
  • Total Solar production: 1264.11MWh

They are a renowned fresh food Manufacturer and Exporters. It has a state of art production facilities comprising cold storage and chilling units for food storage facilities with 24 x 7 service operations. KUGAs solar installation at Della Rosa received the “Energy Efficiency Project of the Year” Master Electricians award for 2019.

200kW Solar Installation

  • System size 200kW
  • Location Concord, New South Wales
  • Solar Panels Jinko 440W mono facial
  • Inverter SolarEdge inverters, along with DC optimisers.
  • Solar production: 258.4MWh

As part of the redevelopment of Concord Oval, Kuga has successfully completed 2 x 100 kW of solar PV installations at two significant recreation spaces in the Concord LGA, called Concord Oval and St Luke’s Park South, to serve council and West Tiger’s tenancy individually. Kuga won this project through ADCO Constructions, the builder of choice for the redevelopment of Concord Oval in Sydney’s Inner West.

200kW Solar Installation

  • System size: 200kW
  • Location: Melbourne, Victoria
  • Solar Panels: 768 x AUO 260W Panels
  • Inverter: 4x GoodWe 50kW Inverter
  • Solar production: 819.286MWh

In 2017,Spa Industries Global were facing a 3x price increase in their power rate! With help from 13KUGA, they were able to reduce costs allowing reinvestment back into the business and are well on their way towards achieving ambitious environmental goals.

100kW Solar Installation

  • System size: 100kW
  • Location: Dandenong, VIC
  • Solar Panels: Q Cells
  • Inverter: 110kW Sungrow
  • Solar production p.a.: 114.593MWh

KUGA has provided 100kW Solar Installation for Truckrite. We have installed our premium range products such as 110kW Sungrow Inverter and Q Cell Solar Panels. The client is expecting a good amount of electricity savings in their next bill.

100kWh Battery Installation

  • System size 100kWh
  • Location Ellinbank VIC
  • Battery Alpha ESS
  • Total Solar production 105.012MWh 

Originally, the specification for the project had included zinc-bromine flow batteries. A large part of the spec for this was due to the fact that these were manufactured in Australia. This technology was ultimately dropped in favour of the lithium ion solution offered by KUGA (Alpha-ESS). The final battery solution installed by KUGA Electrical was the Alpha ESS Storion T 30, with 102kWh of usable storage capacity.


  • CEC-approved retailer with a strong track record of over 5000 successful projects around Australia.
  • Highly-trained, values-driven team of commercial solar installers, engineers, electricians, and procurement specialists.
  • Competitive pricing thanks to bulk purchasing from quality solar manufacturers.
  • FREE monitoring service for full transparency over your system’s efficiency

At 13KUGA, we’re all about delivering efficient, commercial-sized solar systems that generate a quick return on investment (ROI) for our clients. We take everything into consideration, from roof space to your business’s unique energy requirements, so that you can get the best possible commercial solar solution, reducing your operational costs and carbon footprint all at once.



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Slash Your Power Bill

Commercial solar panels generate FREE electricity for your business, minimising the amount you need to purchase from the traditional power grid, which reduces your power bill. This helps give your business energy independence, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating energy prices impacting your bottom line.

Additionally, any power your panels generate that you don’t use during the day will be fed back into the electricity grid. This rewards you with credits that further offset your power bill.

At 13KUGA, we also specialise in the design and installation of off-grid solar systems for businesses that want total energy independence. Additionally, we help our customers procure and install solar battery storage units that allow you to bank electricity you don’t use during the day, further reducing your energy costs.

Reduce Your Environmental Impact

While your business may not be chopping down forests or dumping toxic waste into the local river, being dependent on the traditional power grid does have an environmental impact. When commercial businesses like yours devest from non-renewable power sources (like coal, natural gas, and oil), you’re reducing demand for fossil fuels and contributing to a greener future.

Attract More Customers

Doing your part for the planet is its own reward, but it also has a marketing benefit for your business. Most customers value a business that invests in reducing its non-renewable energy consumption. When you make the switch to solar energy, you can advertise this fact on your company website and in the press, boosting your public image.


Pay for your commercial solar installation upfront

With the cost of commercial solar installations being at an all-time low, many businesses are enjoying a very attractive return on investment. Our customers who typically install a 30kW or 100kW solar system look at paying upfront as the returns are best when looking at STC projects. Projects over 100kW have large upfront costs, so financing might be a better option for most businesses.

Cashflow-positive finance for commercial solar installations

13KUGA have a range of finance options to suit your business needs. The finance term is flexible from 3 years to 20 years. Our major finance partners are Energy Ease, Verdia, Lendfin and the Australian Sustainability Fund. You can choose from a Rental Agreement, Chattel Mortage or even pay your commercial solar system off by a rates notice.

Power Purchasing Agreement

We can help you power your business by providing you with a fixed electricity rate under a Power Purchasing Agreement. Typically we find that the electricity rates are about 25% cheaper than the rates from your electricity retailer. Power Purchase Agreements are a good option when you don’t want the hassle of finance. We organise the solar system service and maintenance for the life of the agreement. Agreement lengths are usually either 7, 12 or 15 years.

Claiming STC and LGC Solar Rebates

Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STC)

Small businesses will be eligible to receive generous Small-Scale Technology certificates by installing commercial solar PV systems under 100kW. Claiming your STC can help finance your investment in your solar power generation. The solar rebate is paid upfront and helps reduce the price of your commercial solar installation.

Here are some examples of possible STC solar rebates:

100kW system installed in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide – 1,651 STCs – $59,000 STC rebate
100kW system installed in Melbourne – 1,416 STCs – $50,976 STC rebate
30kW system installed in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide – 497 STCs – $17,892 STC rebate
30kW system installed in Melbourne – 426 STCs – $15,336 STC rebate

Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGC)

We can also help process Large-Scale Generation certificates for larger commercial solar installations above 100kW. We work with all parties involved in your installation to create a smooth and easy process. The current pricing per certificate for LGCs created in 2019 is $45. Pricing in 2020 is around $24 per certificate. As Australia pushes towards its renewable energy target, the LGC price will drop because the program is yet to be extended.

Commercial Solar ​Feed-in Tariffs (FIT)

Most businesses that install commercial solar panels will generate some amount of excess power. This power is ‘fed-in’ the grid for other homes and businesses to use. Feed-in tariffs provide your business with credits that reduce your power bill. The feed-in rate for businesses consuming power Monday to Friday between 7am to 6pm is around 15%, and a business that operates 24/7 usually doesn’t have any excess power.

Feed-in tariff for mass-market businesses

The feed tariff schemes are usually set annually and change depending on the value of the wholesale electricity price. When the wholesale electricity price is high, the feed-in tariff will be higher, but the reverse will happen if the wholesale electricity price is lower. They are set by regulators in each state. The guide for the minimum feed-in tariff when installing a solar system for your business is:

Victoria NSW Canberra South Australia Queensland Western Australia
Feed-in Tariff 12c per kWh 8.5c per kWh 8c per kWh 11.3c per kWh 9.36c per kWh 7c per kWh

Feed-in tariff for large market businesses

There is no set minimum feed-in tariff for large market businesses installing commercial solar systems. In Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra, the current market for feed-in tariffs is about 7c per kWh to 9c per kWh. When re-contracting your electricity agreement, shop around for a good electricity rate and factor in what energy retailers are offering for feed-in tariffs.


We know there’s a lot to consider when it comes to investing in commercial solar panels. We’re honest about what we do, so if it’s not feasible right now for your business, we won’t push you. However, you’ve got nothing to lose by getting in touch and chatting with one of our friendly experts. We’ll work with you to understand your business’s energy situation and, if appropriate, help you engineer the most cost and energy-efficient commercial solar system possible.


Licence numbers:

VIC REC 27103

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ACT REC 20211556

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