Cash flow positive with commercial solar


Cashflow Positive Finance

We can help power your business with the energy from the sun. Our commercial solar solutions are designed to create savings for your business and will help you manage your ongoing overheads.By producing and consuming your own solar energy, your electricity bill savings can help finance your investment.

Easy financing
Financing your commercial solar project is simple with Kuga Electrical. We offer our customers multiple options and financing scenarios to help you choose the best outcome for your business.

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  • Change heading to “Commercial Solar Experts – CEC Accredited Installers” to “Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accredited Installers”
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The CEC is the peak body for the clean energy industry in Australia. Our installers and designers are CEC accredited,which ensures every commercial solar power installation we do is best practice. We only use CEC approved products and comply with industry regulations as a CEC approved solar product retailer.

Claiming STC and LGC certificates

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) Businesses will be eligibible to receive generous Small Scale Technology certificates rebate by installing smaller commercial solar PV systems under 100kW. Claiming your STC can help finance your investment in your solar power generation.

Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGC) We can also help process Large Scale Generation certificates for larger commercial solar installations above 100kW. We work with all parties involved in your installation to create a smooth and easy process.

Commercial Solar Experts – CEC Accredited Installers

We are proud to work together with CEC and our installers are accredited with the Clean Energy Council for commercial solar power installations. Professional installation is critically important to deliver a system that will deliver cost savings to your business. To ensure and maintain the highest standard of solar installations we use only CEC approved products and comply with industry regulations as an CEC approved solar product retailer. Our customers enjoy the best line of products on offer in the market.

Solar Installations

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