Unlock New Potential for Your Business


Maximise Solar with Battery Storage

Solar power generation

Solar PV system on average generate more than 40% of our customer’s peak power. This solar power is used to offset the energy consumption of equipment and machinery during the day, with peak production in the middle of the day. During non-operation daylight hours the solar PV system will keep generating energy that will be exported to the grid, reducing in income stream created from solar feed in tariff.

Battery storage upgrade

With a battery storage upgrade customers can see an additional saving up to 70% of total energy consumption. The battery storage can store excess energy produced during operation hours for later use in early morning or late afternoon. Additionally during the weekend the system can store energy that can be used to offset day to day consumption. Installing battery storage provides the flexibility of offsetting the most expensive electricity charge, which in turn will create even larger saving for the business.

Energy savings
with solar storage
Saving per annum
with solar storage*
Total saving est.*
$1.8 million

*Estimate based on 70% energy saving for SME business with 500kWh energy consumption/day and 10% increase in energy cost per annum.