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Spa Industries, Hallam VIC

Commercial LED & Solar solution Spa industries is one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of Spas Pools. With three acres of Spa manufacturing, the lighting needed an upgrade, specifically ones positionsed to light up the the machines. The Spa Industries team entrusted Kuga Electrical to give their factory a lighting makeover for better performance and reduced energy consumption.

A team of 3 electricians and 2 days later, we left the Spa Industries team with a glisten in their eyes. The new and improved lighting included a total of 127 Highbays in the warehouse which made the world of a difference and proved to be beneficial for their manufacturing process. Along with that we also upgraded their office and retail space with about 400 LED Tubes and 122 LED Downlights.

Solar PV System

LocationHallam, VIC
System size200kW
Panel modelBenQ 260W
Annual output255,688 kWh
Annual saving$55,840

LED Lighting

  • 127 LED Highbays
  • 400 LED Tubes
  • 122 LED Downlights
LED annual saving$47,821
LED energy saving78%